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The Mullens

Tough to Tell (Get Hip)
by Jon Sarre

This friend of mine in Austin really likes these Dallas gents. I'd heard their second record and wondered what the fuck he was thinkin'. I figgered mebbe they were onea those first record bands, cuz their second was not so good. Mebbe The Mullens are a third record band, too. This un's pretty good. It's solid mid-tempo garage punk, not like it gets transcendental or anything like that (which probably wouldn't be a real good thing anyhow). There's even a song about waitin' for a jury to return their verdict (against you, natch) and another one that sorta sounds like "I Don't Care" by Black Flag, but it's about girls who date musicians. It's snotty, s'good. People think the singer (Tim's his name) sounds like Mick Jagger, but I dunno 'bout that (tho' sometimes there is a certain early 'Stones deal goin' on here). What I do know is the guitar player sure has bad taste in shirts. Mebbe he was outta clean clothes that day.
(PO Box 666 Canonsburg, PA 15317)

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