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The Briefs

Hit After Hit (Dirtnap)
by Scott Hefflon

Seeing as it's pretty impossible to do anything new with punk (it's like one long bad-hair day), it's more a matter of doing the same goddamn thing loud, pure, and energetically. And that's what The Briefs do. From Seattle, on a label with zero distro and a budget smaller than a half-empty change dish, these four platinum-blond snazzy-dressers nail 1:30 punk ditties with the ferocity of early Brit punk and a lack of concern for PC politics that ought not be such a rarity... Kinda garagey (mostly cuz they're kinda fast, "sloppy," and favor high-end), they wail out songs about crabs, killing Bob Segar, Dolly Parton/Dali Llama, and all sorts of cultural flotsom. Pure and simple, a good punk band.
(PO Box 21259 Seattle, WA 98111)  

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