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Steve Roach | Structures From Silence | review | ambient | Lollipop

Steve Roach

Structures From Silence (Projekt)
by DJ Arcanus

Projekt is on a re-issuing kick, and this time, it's one of Steve Roach's masterpieces, Structures From Silence. The album contains three tracks, each emoting different moods. The first composition makes me think of Stay Frightened, who contributed two pieces to Projekt's Tribute to Black Tape For A Blue Girl. It's dreamy. It's full of synthesizers. It's kinda New-Agey, and damn it, I like it. It gives me the feeling of peace and serenity. It takes me to a land far, far away where I'm running through a forest of crystalline trees and sparkling flowers.

It's no wonder Sam Rosenthal signed Steve Roach to Projekt. Many of the label's early releases - especially Sam's own projects - had a similar ambience and this is one of its sources. The two other compositions here are richly layered with dark, moody soundscapes. Thematic drones come in and out to remind the listener of the continuity of the long tracks. At times, especially evident in the last track, it becomes minimalistic with just enough sound to keep the listener mesmerized. I find this album an excellent choice for relaxation and meditation. It gives sweet melodies to focus on and at the same time, lush aural energy to concentrate on deeper thoughts.

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