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Short-Staffed at the Gene Pool (Thirsty Ear)
by Lex Marburger

Remember when people said that Garbage was a revolutionary band? Well, maybe not any of us, but someone said it... Anyway, you wanna know where that Scottish chick got it from? Remember Ruby? Had that single "Paraffin" about, oh, six years ago? Yeah, neither do I, really... Only sorta kinda. But I do remember seeing her at the Lollapalooza that Metallica headlined (don't worry, I didn't go to see them. I promise). The point of all this is, Ruby's back, and her new release, Short-Staffed at the Gene Pool, is pretty damn good. Full-voiced, sensual female vocals over electronic-based grooves may sound like it's been done, from the aforementioned Garbage, as well as Fiona, Jane Jensen, and all the other stuff that hit it in the '90s. But Ruby was there first - kinda - and she still has a rough edge that doesn't bow to the commercial aspects that this sorta stuff can easily fall prey to. So give it a chance. Trust me, this is a lot easier to swallow than most.
(274 Madison Ave. #804 New York, NY 10016)

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