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Right Brigade | review | hardcore | Lollipop

Right Brigade

by Tim Den

Heavy (handed) hardcore that refuses to call itself "old school" but pretty much is. An all-out powerchord assault and with plenty of mosh parts, Right Brigade sounds like a tougher version of early Fastbreak. Which shouldn't be a surprise, since ex-Fastbreak vocalist Patrick Rorick plays guitar for this band (and probably writes most of the music, like he did for his former outfit). They've got a song called "Fuck the Kids" (NOFX, anyone?), and while I applaud their bashing of the knuckleheaded crowd that they themselves attract, I still think the "kids" are gonna be the only ones unable to differentiate between this and a million other hardcore bands, thus eating it up like good little hoodies.
(PO Box 5232 Huntington Beach, CA 92615)  

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