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Reducers SF | Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs | punk | genre | Lollipop

Reducers SF

Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs (TKO)
by Jon Sarre

Sing along if ya really care, but sometimes ya can't help it. Singin' along, I mean. I usually think this stuff is just plain ol' played out... I mean, "street punk"'s equation of the Clash + Slade = Stiff Little Fingers or Vibrators redux now cross it over to this side of the Atlantic and, y'know, the relevance is just not really there cuz us Yanks don't have the youth gang culture, not if yer a honky, anyhow. Someone forgot to tell Reducers SF that and I figure they don't care what you or I think and that's fine and dandy cuz they work out their tunage completely unselfconsciously and with more than a direct sense of hostility towards the usual suspects (y'know, pop singers'n'authority figures'n'the Man who keeps the workin' class down - another concept which comes off as silly to 'Mericans cuz we don't really do class, tho' it's around us. We just ignore it cuz we all wanna get rich, but that's another essay for another time). Guitarist Kevin Doherty's got a second-hand encyclopedic feel for someone else's backlog of Mick Jones leads circa Give 'Em Enough Rope and Mike Crowell amd Scott Nicol understand the rhythm section anchor diagrams of yore. Glen McHenry's throat is, of course, perfect for one note gogogogogo chants and then everyone sings along. Then they do the next song...
(4104 24th St #103 San Francisco, CA 94114)


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