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No Return | Self Mutilation | review | metal | Lollipop

No Return

Self Mutilation (Listenable)
by Scott Hefflon

No Return have been doing the dirty deed since '89, so it's to their credit that they've stuck to their metal thrashing mad guns, and kinda to their discredit that they're only really breaking out now. Thrash metal, um, has been done and done well, but it always sounds good and provokes a reaction in the crowd, so there'll always be thrash bands inciting a circle mosh pit full of flailing, scraggly skinny guys, and perhaps their short-haired, overly-pierced'n'tattooed brethren. No Return grace us with roaring vocals (better than Fear Factory, not as good as Grave), excellent production, and killer guitarists who layer in thirds (like Kreator), chug those nasty half-stepping riffs that simply never get old, and occasionally spiral madly through fluttering solos like the old days, kid. Man, ya gotta be good to play this hard, this fast, for this long, and write interesting combinations of the same few chords that sound good when ya grind 'em.

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