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Lennon | 5 30 Saturday Morning | review | rock | Lollipop


5:30 Saturday Morning (Arista)
by Scott Hefflon

She's 19, writes her own songs, can belt it out like Pat Benetar, she's fuckin' hot, and she seems to do a lot of photoshoots in ripped'n'tattered black t-shirts. God bless her.

Lennon is from Nashville, has a set of pipes (among other things), and usually plays heavier material than Bif Naked, another recent powerhouse female vocalist pushed'n'packaged by a major. Both, to my ears, are misrepresented for increased sales, but I'm the distrustful sort. But with hints of Tori and groove metal, not to mention ravings by Entertainment Weekly, Details, MTV's Kurt Loder, and Alternative Press, I'll add this to the short list of non-Goth metal female-fronted hard rock bands worth checking out like Bottom, Guano Apes, and the dearly-missed Drain S.T.H..


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