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House Of Large Sizes

Idiots Out Wandering Around (What Are Records?)
by Jon Sarre

I guess they started out as America's answer to the Teenage Fanclub dorks oversees, like, see we can do this too, but throw in big bass sound for good measure like two Superchunks doublestack No Pocket For Kitty with balls sharp enough to pop all the bubblegum, heavy not for heavy's sake but large enough to fill any Big Black boots ya need to put across and bein' from Iowa means unless ya saw 'em'n'got sweaty on any number of tours ya don't know House of Large Sizes from Adam, but that don't stop 'em. These kid's be around.

This caught-in-the-act comp, recorded live at various Midwest dives'll catch y'all up if ya'never caught 'em before and, if ya have, y'all'll wake up like ya caught a wiffle ball bat off the top of yer skull. It's got their cuddly mathrock cum pop sensibility crossed with rockout hairfly sans irony jive on cold metal. It's sumptin ya can play in the comfort of yer own home betwixt checkin' out the paps to see if HOLS is comin' around. If they do, so should you.
(2401 Broadway Boulder, CO 80304)


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