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Hog Molly

Kung-Fu Cocktail Grip (Kool Arrow)
by Paul Lee

Remember the mighty Seattle group Tad? They were fronted by a large, bellowing guitarist named Tad Doyle and were contemporaries of such grunge luminaries as Nirvana and Soundgarden but sounded more like Melvins without the experimentation. Hog Molly (which is Angler slang for a specific fish found along North American coasts) is the reincarnation of Tad with the same dirty, rock'n'roll thunder, and an ex-member of underrated 'Frisco thrashers Panic (Marty Chandler) and some bad-ass Afro wigs.

Think Supersuckers spliced with The Melvins with Mick Foley as frontman. What's not to like about songs titled "Bitch Slapper" and "Alcohog"? Yes, these four boys are of the highest class in low-class grunge thunder. Mixing faster tunes like "Mr. Right" and "Hoggchronicity," which wouldn't be out of place in a Motörhead set, with doomier numbers like "Heatstroke," Hog Molly are everything the evangelical preachers warn us about. If it's devil-may-care raucous entertainment you seek, Tad and his men are the ones for you.
(5902 Monterrey Rd #666, Los Angeles, CA 90042)


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