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Gore Gore Girls

Strange Girls (Get Hip)
by Jon Sarre

Power trio in matchin' Flintstones cast-offs, wow! Gore Gore Girls (is the name possibly some Clinton/Gore nostalgia, since Al's daughters'n'lil Chelsea got in lots less trouble than those rowdy Bush twins?) rock out sharp kitty claws in yer eyes cuz what are you lookin' at anyway? At one point ("Go On") they sound like The Ronnettes doin' The Stooges' "On the Street." The sound's real full, too, s'good cuz that way none of the fuzz is lost (which is real good cuz I hear we're havin' a fuzz shortage right now, damn Californians). They aspire to and occasionally reach Ronnie Frank Asheton Funhouse highs (which must be somethin' to aspire to if yer from Detroit). The rockers outnumber the sweeties, but there's saccharine moments ("I'm Gonna Get You Yet" like The Shangri-La's if they were Japanese, or somethin'). Gore Gore Girls even sound more teasey than pissed, which is a welcome thing since most all female bands that rock only wanna sound angry. Mick Collins stops by, too, long enough to do a Big Bopper imitation. He gets to call himself a "lovin' fool." Everyone sounds pleased as punch. Everything is nice.
(PO Box 666 Canonsburg, PA 15317)  

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