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Gary Numan | Pure | review | electro | rock | Lollipop

Gary Numan

Pure (Spitfire)
by DJ Arcanus

What happened to Gary Numan's cars? And his airplane? And all of his other status symbols from the '80s? To my delight, he left them all behind. I, for one, am sick of hearing "Cars." Gary Numan has released a dozen albums since his smash hit, and in that time, he's come a long way and developed a new, harder, industrial sound. His songs exhibit his progression as an artist who grows with the times and brings a little bit of the past with him. This began with his last album, Exile. Pure sounds similar to Exile, and has that certain Nine Inch Nails (Broken) feel. But rather than displaying Trent's teenage rage, Gary brings a more refined aggressiveness to his songs through echo and reverb-processed vocals that breathe life into his music. For DJs looking for dance-oriented material with guitars, pay attention... There's a lack of decent industrial songs that don't have only electronic blips and beeps, but Pure has more than a few to help fill the floors in between artists like Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, and KMFDM.
(101 Bay Ave. Hicksville, NY 11801)


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