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Fooz (Custom Heavy)
by Craig Regala

Just in time, an antidote to the numbing stoner downtuned tunelessness now inhabiting many of today's new platters. Fooz wade deeply into the riff rock/space rock/goofus rock/acid rock early-'70s without referring to the past 25 years for dick. Acoustic guitars are flourished, organs are pumped, words and melodies that'd enlivened Atomic Rooster/Iron Butterfly LPs are flaunted and the damn thing starts off with a Hawkwindish tune "Earthwind." Uriah Heep lives on, people - no campiness, no joke. If I had a glass, two knives and a gram of hash, I'd get baked and channel my dead uncle who used to go on and on about Clearlight, Captain Beyond, and Procul Harum. Put 'm on tour with Mammoth Volume. I wish these guys had a 20-record back catalog.
(210 Village #305 Redondo Beach, CA 90277)

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