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Fog | Through the Eyes of Night | review | metal | Lollipop


Through the Eyes of Night (WWIII)
by Paul Lee

Shrouded in mystery (meaning I can't find any real info on the WWIII website or the web about them), this quartet of hellspawns arrive on the new US black metal scene with the likes of other notable acts like Bloodstained Dusk and Thornspawn. The photo on the back cover shows no corpse paint or deadly spiked outfits, instead Fog seem content to let their music do the chilling.

Musically, Fog follow closely in the footsteps of Norwegian black metal pioneers like Emperor and Satyricon (before they started to progress into their more modern BM/death metal sound) with a similar neoclassical-meets-grindcore approach utilizing plenty of guitar rage and keyboards. What separates Fog from the rest is that they have begun their own quest for an original sound. Maybe it's their pure passion for the music and high creativity that keep them from sounding like a mere Nordic cover band, but Through The Eyes of Night is an impressive debut. If Fog can continue to separate themselves from the Scandinavian scene and progress in their own direction, they could have a very promising career. Keep an eye out for these demons.
(PO Box 4517 Downey, CA 90241)

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