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Faster Pussycat | Between the Valley of the Ultra Pussy | review | rock | Lollipop

Faster Pussycat

Between the Valley of the Ultra Pussy (Cleopatra)
by Scott Hefflon

Wow, this is awful... I'm reminded of the advice that if a child is acting out, you should ignore him so as not to encourage him. Well geez, haven't we been ignoring Taime Downe for the last decade? Someone led the guy to believe 1) his songs were good, 2) he should remix them like that Trent guy does, 3) people care. Dude, get out of L.A. and realize that, like, the rest of the world has moved on and, seriously, industrial and electronic music have made significant advances over the years and maybe ya oughtta brush up a bit before publicly humiliating yourself. Again.

Faster Pussycat had a couple decent songs back when "decent songs" could include the latest by Def Leppard and Danger Danger without getting more than a mild look of concern from your friends. Sure, they weren't talented like Spread Eagle and didn't write frighteningly infectious songs like Pretty Boy Floyd (no, really, I'm serious), but that "Bathroom Wall" song was damn near an institution (even though I seem to recall the actual recording was horrid), and "House of Pain" was actually, like, a hit, I think. (Hard to tell what was a hit and what was just a dumb-ass song that got overplayed and ya just accepted it cuz more shots were on the table and someone's hand was in your jeans.)

And guys, we get the Russ Meyer thing, OK? Ya got yer name from one flick and yer title from another. We get it already. And just outta curiosity, geniuses, how do you get between a valley? Isn't a valley already considered to be between two, um, mounds? So you'd be in the valley, right? Sheesh! And your (uncredited) slaughter of Kiss' "I Was Made for Loving You" is something I'd expect from the Electric Hellfire Club, another Cleopatra band I'm always hoping is joking but I don't think is.
(13428 Maxella Ave. #251 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292)

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