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Back to the Mono Kero (Ipecac)
by Lex Marburger

Imagine if Japan piled together all their familiar bands (familiar as far as we stupid US-ers go) like Boredoms, Pizzicato 5, and Shonen Knife (well, that's who comes to my mind, at least). Put them all together, and you get Ex-Girl, a left-of-center, high energy, melodic Naked City kind of band. Avant-guard vocal harmonies mixed with rock-trio (guitar/bass/drums) sounds, albeit through a prism of serious weirdness. But even with all the high-concept strangeness, they know what the kids want. Something to hang their musical hats on. That's right: A hook. They know what melody means. Hell, they even go so far as to cover "Pop Music" by '80s prettyboys M, and even though doing almost anything to the original would be an improvement, Ex-Girl does a damn good job on it.
(PO Box 1197 Almeda, CA 94501)

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