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Donovans Brain | Tiny Crustacean Light Show | review | Psych | rock | Lollipop

Donovan's Brain

Tiny Crustacean Light Show (Get Hip)
by Jon Sarre

Psych-rock from veteran retreads must be better than psych-rock from just anyone, or so should it appear, cuz at least these guys were actually around and probably injestin' controlled substances back when said substances were supposed to be good (but they always seem good to me, but then again, I wasn't around for the Summer of Love). The person who put the Donovan's Brain press kit together drops lotsa names, some of which mean somethin' to me, some of which don't, but it's still sorta confusin' since it's not real clear who is actually in the band and who just knew that guy from Savoy Brown or whatever. I just don't have the time or energy to put it all together. I don't like complex band mathematics. I'm no accountant. Donovan's Brain is some sorta collective and their thing is spaced-out psychedelia, cuz they probably never got over it. That's okay. I'm sure lotsa other people also never got over it. Those people will see this record as an old friend. Everyone else gets it or doesn't. It's like herpes that way.
(PO Box 666 Canonsburg, PA 15317)

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