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Corporate Avenger | Freedom is a State of Mind | review | metal | Lollipop

Corporate Avenger

Freedom is a State of Mind (Koch)
by Scott Hefflon

Remember that rush you got when you first heard Public Enemy, N.W.A., Rage Against the Machine, or Slayer? While Corporate Avenger isn't on par with those gods (now fallen gods, a disgruntled worshipper must concede), I prefer them over Kottonmouth Kings or Insane Clown Posse or whatever other outlandish hardcore rap/nü metal bands Whitey may be identically rebelling against the oppressors with, maaaan.

With mostly whoa-whoa-tempo grooves, Corporate Avenger "grind" it out "real" so suburban kids in pants that don't fit can do that chicken strut thing. Spoken word intros and other political tirades litter the songs, repeating anti-slogan, pointing out the rather obvious bad stuff, and lobbing lyrical skills at whatever bad thing they wanna gloss over at any given time. Rebellion ain't poetic, it's primal, and thus this almost comical litany of complaints will get yer ass moving without you having to use yer brain for anything more taxing than simple motor functions. "Fault the Police (I Don't)" is an interesting take, blaming police, gangstas, and freedom fighters/terrorists equally for, well, creating their own violence-filled reality. Not that they'd ever actually say it that clearly. Perhaps it just doesn't rhyme... "Christians Murdered Indians" attacks, duh, Christians for their arrogant conversion of "barbarian natives" (I still like Slayer's "Jesus Saves" better, but that's comparing apples and preservative-jacked applesauce, dig?). "The Bible is Bullshit," "Taxes are Stealing," "Voting Doesn't Work," and "Jesus Christ Homosexual" are all no-frills blasts, and while it's refreshing to get some straight talk in a country filled with politically correct jargon that strips away the truth and horror, and thus the natural outrage such out-of-whack situations call for, well, this stuff is kinda pit-scratching dumb, ya know? But it sounds great loud! Huh-huh, huh-huh...

"Drug Dealing God" is my personal favorite, a "Hey, God made pot, who are you to lock me up for enjoying God's green Earth to its fullest potential?" anthem that, while initially a bit limited in its vocal range, builds to a classic round of rapping, everyone kicking in their take. Basically a killer tune for cruising slow, the bass making windows tremble in your wake.
(740 Broadway New York, NY 10003)


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