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CKY | Volume 1 | Jackass | review | rock | Lollipop


Volume 1 (Island)
by Scott Hefflon

One of these guys is related to the guy from Jackass or something, and thus we have this record, the original Camp Kill Yourself contracted to the parent-friendly CKY. But I can name a couple dozen bands with well-known friends/relatives that are far worse, far less creative, so CKY gets a thumbs up (their ass) for playing grr/stoner metal interestingly. A few tunes have that doubled Soundgarden vocal thing, the CD opens with an awkward videogame dance, and I don't know what to make of "The Human Drive In Hi-Fi" with its '70s TV theme song whacka-whacka leading directly into the Middle Eastern twang of "Lost in a Contraption" which strolls all space like desert rock with a love of Zeppelin and Primus... Noisy, smarter than your average bear, and a good, dark blend of grungy stomp and lethargic riffs, dude.

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