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Cadaver Inc.

Discipline (Earache)
by Paul Lee

Come with me back to 1991 when grindcore and death metal ruled and Earache was one hell of a hot label. In Norway, Cadaver created great albums full of technical, Coroner-like death metal that struck the imaginations but failed to capture the attention of the larger death metal scene. Luckily, Cadaver has been resurrected by its brainchild, Anders Odden, and morphed into Cadaver Inc., one of the best new death/black metal bands around with a sound that's both technically intense and viciously cold. With fellow Norwegians Zyklon, Cadaver Inc. are leading the new wave of death metal assassins. Discipline is one of the most chilling and diverse albums around. Easily one of the best albums of the genre to come out this year.
(43 West 38th St. New York, NY 10018)

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