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Betty Blowtorch

Are you Man Enough? (Foodchain)
by Vinnie Apicella

Following the bootstraps of Cycle Sluts From Hell, The Lunachicks, and a wink and nod to those stylish girl group pioneers, The Runaways, Betty Blowtorch blows into town, armed with plenty o' sneer and dripping with attitude. Betty does just what she wants and what Betty wants is laid out pretty plainly in this fueled-up fifteen track booze cruise down the highway to Hell. It's hook-infested white trash powertrip rock with a punked-up edge and little room for top 40 reasoning. Even when they turn it down and go for a catchy little ballad type, they ruin it seconds later with a well-timed "You're Ugly" chorus, the lone hold-over from their previous Butt Trumpet days. If that name sounds familiar, try these: Bianca Butthole, Sharon Needles, Blare N. Bitch, and Judy Molish. Okay, I'll bite, what's a Molish? Added attractions include band member bios, measurements, turn-ons, fantasies and so forth.

Betty harmonizes well, and can be melodious, but when she gets down, she don't fool around. We're talking loud, mean, dirty and a little bit obscene, but they'll get ya blood pumpin' in mere seconds when "Hell On Wheels" rolls over ya, or "Size Queen," with a guest appearance by Vanilla Ice of all people... Serious headbangers will yank some classic Bitch moments out of something like "I Wanna Be Your Sucker," or "Big Hair, Broken Heart," their ode to the glam rockers of yesteryear, and throwing ol' Wendy O into the mix couldn't hurt. With all this screaming and cursing and bathroom lyricism, her influence is never too far away.
(8490 Sunset Blvd. #504 W. Hollywood, CA 90069)


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