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American Dog

Six Pack: Songs about Drinkin' & Fuckin' (Outlaw)
by Craig Regala

Talk about underground culture, this is it. Longhair, redneck boozehound, balls-on-fire rock and roll from guys turned on by a bulldozed mix of Foghat, the Godz, AC/DC, Nazareth and pure brain-reducing small-town biker bar shenanigans. The title defines the conceptual scope, and what are any songs about when you reduce 'em to their essense? This is the end product of the will to triumph/reproduce; everything else is politics or reportage on said conduct. Trust me, I've hauled mental ass through St. Augustine, Nietzsche et. al., so I know. Classic LP length = 38 minutes, trotted out live as fuck, no overdubs, no doctoring, no sweetening, no retakes, no shit. The tunes are from the Last of a Dying Breed, plus a couple new ones and a pair (I think...) from Hilljack, the previous incarnation of the band. No covers, although a Skynyrd tune has been turnin' up in the set along with the obligatory Motörhead cover(s). On Last of..., they pulled out an Angel City tune and one of the few Twisted Sister songs worthy of redoing, "Under the Blade." These songs measure a decent size yard and it's a big enough one for any dog to shit, screw, and pass out in. The playing is great, with fast, thoughtful six-string sting, groping bass work, stupendously locked-in drumming, and kick-a-poo-joy-juicesque* singing. Never has there been a band more appropriate to tour with the Nuge. Ever. The demand for this has apparently out-stripped supply, but you can get it from the boys direct @
(PO Box 14381 Columbus, OH 43214)

*Kick-a-poo-joy-juice is a ledgendary "moonshine" reputedly made in Kentucky with the added ingredient of magic mushrooms. It is, of course, perfect for all social occasions  

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