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Against All Authority | Nothing New for Trash Like You | review | punk | Lollipop

Against All Authority

Nothing New for Trash Like You (Sub City)
by Scott Hefflon

18 out-of-print/hard-to-find songs from 1992-2000. That tagline pretty much nails it, huh? I mean, ya either love/admire these guys or ya hate preachy, better-world ska-punk in general, these guys in particular. Me? I like the LOUD production they often get, all the good time hey! hey! hey! hooligan antics, and the "ravenous goblin" vocals (when the vocals are so fast and snarly they sound like "brabble, rabba, rabba, hey!"), which is far more fun than reading the latest rules on how to be a good little socially responsible punker and all that horseshit. (I worked in soup kitchens and raked leaves for the elderly and stuff as part of a community service program and, well, it was cool and all, but I don't go around writing songs about it, trying to guilt others into doing likewise).
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