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Wanted: New Friends (Law of Inertia)
by Tim Den

Ex-members of Irony of Lightfoot and (one of my old faves) Sons of Abraham are back in this new, slightly spazzier Long Island punk machine. Retaining some of their former bands' guitar wizardry, Thisyearsmodel ripshits through all their material with sarcastic remarks, bitter screams, and gearshifting aplenty. You won't find the same "power chord chug-chug-chug" on this thing. Matching staccato riffing with dissonant arpeggios, Thisyearsmodel first aim to instigate a pit then make you reexamine your thoughts. I guess you can call them "catchy," if their loony/crunchy assault hasn't confused you already. One thing though: The upcoming split with The New Amsterdams is going to look like an Elvis Costello and The Attractions tribute. Consider a name change while you can... Both of you.
(61 E. 8th St. PMB#125 New York, NY 10003)

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