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The Terrifying Experience

Magnetic Breakthough (Mental Telemetry)
by Craig Regala

Old school Ohio punk-rooted rock. Old as in splitting the difference between the Dead Boys, the Pagans and one of those Raspberries-influenced bands that got lumped in with the punks until someone started using the term New Wave and its Who-derived buddy, power pop. So you get mid-tempo to fast stuff - but not hardcore fast - with thick slabs of Gibson-through-Marshall-stack roar leavened with sturdy melodies riding the riffs or thrown up over them via voice. The guy who put the band together, Mitch Mitchell, has done time in Guided by Voices but it's the difference between, say, King's X and Pantera, or The Dickies and the Ramones, or No Use For A Name and New Bomb Turks... Or a huge box of assorted, multi-layer truffles and a life-size bust of Lemmy made from 30 lbs. of Hershey's chocolate, with a quart of whiskey to wash it down. This is a good CD. I'd pay money for it, and the last new CD I paid money for was Judas Priest's Hell Bent For Leather. I did get The Gathering's How to Measure A Planet? used though. Thanks for askin'.
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