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The Pinkerton Thugs

End of an Era (Go-Kart)
by Scott Hefflon

Always liked the name of the band better than the band itself. The Pinkertons were, ya know, hired thugs in the Old West who had a long reach, answered either directly to the President or close enough to get away with almost any brutish tactic they deemed necessary to catch their man. They were either the group that inspired the forming of, or actually "evolved" into the FBI, the organization that's basically the nosy American Police. With the popularization of The X-Files and movies like Silence of the Lambs, people seem to've forgotten all the anti-Reagan, anti-CIA, anti-FBI sentiments of '80s punk and reduced it to nostalgic fashion statements in SLC Punk and the like. And now The Pinkerton Thugs are called what they're called and they're basically street level punk, the kind of "tough life" crap we all write in notebooks in middle school but later outgrow. Suits are bad, life's tough, the government lies, and we all have bills to pay, we get it... While I'd like to support these Boston boys, they misspelled Somerville while trying to give my town props, and droning repetitions of "there ain't no heroes anymore" over the same three chords does little to remedy the situation, dig?
(PO Box 20 Prince St. Sta. New York, NY 10012)  

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