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The Kiss Offs

Rock Bottom (Peek-A-Boo)
by Scott Hefflon

I'm always wary of a bio that overuses the word Rock, often followed by a slammer!, just in case you were thinking of, ya know, rock with a lowercase "r" and maybe later sipping tea and dustbusting your apartment and using a lint brush on your turtleneck sweaters. And while the bio boasts of run-ins with the law and hospitalization like Hit Parader used to catalog the fictious tales of the Crüe, the Kiss Offs actually shake it nicely like The Stones used to on TV, looking all Mod in their tight trousers, puckering for young girls everywhere. But they ain't the Stones and they ain't the Crüe, and garage rock is pretty easy to do mediocre anyway. I get some old school Fall angular vocals, and if that means nothing to you, well, don't sweat it cuz Rollins'll talk his head off about it. I just don't see how this lilting, fake Brit vocal approach and lo-fi/faux garage sound is dangerous when bands like Glucifer, the Hellacopters, The Chronics (just got into these Bad Afro rockers) are breakin' mic stands and bustin' heads and still not crossing over to mainstream redneck America which still listens exclusively to AC/DC and Zeppelin on classic rock radio.
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