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Teen Machine | After School Special | review | rock | Lollipop

Teen Machine

After School Special (Popsquad)
by Scott Hefflon

OK, so this co-ed glitter rock band ain't burning up the charts or leaping out of radios across the country or the new craze sweeping the nation, but that's not cuz they're not worth it. The fact that That '70s Show is still popular is evidence that there's still plenty of interest in the Brady Bunch/Partridge Family sugar-rush '70s, and since T. Rex songs are now in car commercials about freedom and Bowie tunes are used by wireless companies, glitter and glam and Farrah Faucett haircuts and tight, shiny pants and floppy hats are all OK again. Well, kinda... Jellyfish pulled it off and they didn't even have cute chicks in the band. Teen Machine cover "Yummy Yummy Yummy" and ABBA's "Does Your Mother Know?" and paraphrases Cheap Trick (among others) just to let ya know they know.

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