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Silver Scooter

The Blue Law (Peek-A-Boo)
by Tim Den

Silver Scooter become more and more irresistible with each listen. At first deceptive with their formulaic jangly-guitar-fronted indie pop image, the listener slowly registers the power behind their hypnotic melodies with repeated spins. This band is a combination of everything college radio drools over: The semi-country twang of Versus, the open-chord arpeggios of American Football, the lo-fi ethics of Yo La Tengo, the brooding lyrics/vocals ala Starflyer 59, and the universal truth that "earnest sad-sacking singing invariably beats cute-but-catchy indifference" (The Onion). And just cuz Silver Scooter likes 'em moody doesn't mean they don't have invigoration built into their machinery. These boys have got New Order's shimmering vibe down to a science. Don't take my word for it, listen to the cover of "Run" on Goodbye EP and tell me you don't hear that shit all over the rest of the band's originals. Anyone who can imagine an end result that's as good as the bands named as influences will love Silver Scooter.
(PO Box 49542 Austin, TX 78765)  

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