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Dawn of Victory (SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

I must be a frilly-shirted fruitcake cuz I just love this record! Like the scene in Holy Grail where the minstrels are following Brave Sir Robin and cataloguing all the nasty fates that await him, "The Village of the Dwarves" kicks up its heels and the merry sound of little bells is heard and there was much rejoicing (yay!). And as songs like "Holy Thunderforce" roar and beat their chests, soloists like Yngwie run for cover as the warble-voiced champions thunder into the village, belting anthems in stacked harmonies at moody and uncertain skies. The bonfire mosh now begins (followed later by a spanking and the ritualistic oral sex), and a wild-eyed gypsy string section shred heaven and Earth as axe-slinger Luca Turilli lurks in the shadows, replying to each challenge offered by the string circle.

Dawn of Victory is the third phase of the tales of an imaginary world and all that Lord of the Rings stuff, but with the remake of that story getting the buzz, it's obvious there are a lot of dog-eared copies of that series 'round these parts. Dawn of Victory, by the way, may just be the most orchestrated classic heavy metal record I've heard.


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