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My Spacecoaster

My Spacecoaster

Heartstrings (Pluto)
by Tim Den

Based on "Try to Escape" alone, it's almost unfair to put My Spacecoaster in with the whole "emo" group. This band goes beyond emo confines by incorporating lots of indie rockisms, especially in the way guitarist/vocalist John LaMonica strums his axe. A healthy dose of pondering, slow numbers, and Braid-style chord structures turn what might've been just another Pedro The Lion clone into a crossover of sorts. My Spacecoaster doesn't cater to one tempo, one progression, or one distortion setting. They whisper softly when they want to, they crank it up from time to time, and they do whatever the fuck they want with finesse. An interesting mix of singer/songwriter material meets emo-ish indie rock.
(PO Box 1201 McKinney, TX 75070)

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