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Mindrage/Nailed Promise

Mindrage/Nailed Promise

split (Pluto)
by Tim Den

This Christians-who-love-heavy-music thing is blowing up thanks to P.O.D. We've got three up-and-coming bands here who all show potential, honing their chops on small indie labels waiting to be the next Saviors of Rock. All three obviously listen to their idols: Deftones, Quicksand, Helmet, and maybe even Embodyment, Living Sacrifice, and Stavesacre. Align's got the most happening sound, propelling the usual drill hammer beats with some nice melodies a la Far. Nailed Promise isn't too far behind, sounding like they really studied the soft/loud thing from 3rd Root. Mindrage chooses to blast loudly most of the time, but beneath all the Satan disses being barked, there're some interesting guitar chords and such. I'm beginning to see a pattern here... praise the Lord, and play like P.O.D. (okay, not as much in Align's case). I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but at least a new genre is coming into shape nicely. Just don't influence Extol into using hip-hop beats.
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