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Meg Lee Chin | Junkies and Snakes | review | electro | Lollipop

Meg Lee Chin

Junkies and Snakes (Invisible)
by Lex Marburger

I guess this would be an EP cuz there's only seven songs, and one of 'em's done twice. But that's not really the point. Meg Lee Chin first caught my eye on a Pigface album, and she hasn't let up. She's one of those artists you don't really wanna describe as accurately as you'd like cuz you know nobody would get it. She's sorta like Nicole Blackman: A very attractive woman who kinda creeps you out cuz she keeps talkin' about violent and dark stuff. But creeps you out in a good way. See? You've already formed an opinion... Junkies and Snakes has this industrial/rock feel, lotsa noisy, angry sounds, and Meg can shriek rather chillingly as well as whisper seductively. I mean, she creeps me out in a good way. And yeah, she's attractive, and I recognize that. I don't mean women can't be attractive and brutal at the same time, I mean that when it's done honestly, it's a breath of fresh air, a kick in the head. Alanis was so tame, I couldn't believe anyone would take her seriously. Simply put, Meg Lee Chin could kick both her ass and Courtney Love's. The music's industrial rock dub, with the help of Martin Atkins on the majority of tracks. She sings, she raps, she shouts, she screams. This'd be a perfect album to seduce that rivethead punk chick at the local fetish club you've always had yer eye on. Just hang on, cuz it's one hell of a ride.
(PO Box 16008 Chicago, IL 60616)  

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