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Lovelight Shine | Makes Out | review | indie | rock | Lollipop

Lovelight Shine

Makes Out (Big Wheel Recreation)
by Tim Den

3/4ths of Jejune are back in a cock rock band. Maybe years in an emo band with a girl was too much? Go figure. Anyway, at least the songwriting stuck with 'em, albeit in a more testosterone-filled/decadent-living sorta way. Lovelight Shine specializes in Big Licks, Big Drums, Loud Guitars, and sugary power-ballads ("Earth's Last Lifeline" sounds like a song from This Afternoons Malady played by Queen). Nods are dished out toward all the right influences: The Jam, MC5, Elton John, Led Zeppelin... This is rock with tons of melodies, pop with loads of balls. In their own words, Lovelight Shine's out for "ass-shakin' and woman takin'," and that's just fine by me.
(325 Huntington Ave. #24 Boston, MA 02115)

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