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Ink And Dagger

Ink And Dagger (Buddyhead/Big Wheel Recreation)
by Tim Den

First of all, don't let the promo people fool ya: Ink And Dagger, while interesting at times (either worth a few chuckles or as 45 minutes of entertaining energy that goes nowhere and is soon forgotten afterward by the showgoers), aren't really that important. "The band you love to hate," "thanks for all the love and hate... we got you" (as written in the liner notes), and my favorite "perhaps the only thing you hate more than Ink And Dagger is Buddyhead." The funny thing is, the above statements presume that Ink And Dagger and its label hold enough importance in each and every one of our lives to evoke that kind of emotion... when most of us are going "Ink And who? Cloak and Dagger?" It's kinda tough to hate, love, or obsess over something you barely even remember. This kind of self-imposed rockstar attitude is not only hilariously delusional (I don't even think G.G. Allin - someone much more qualified to such claims - ever patted himself on the back this hard), it's totally out of place in the so-called "punk/indie scene" (a genre built upon rebelling against the numbnuts mainstream premadonnas). I don't "love" or "hate" psychedelic pseudo-cock rock tinged with useless "weird sounds." I just really couldn't care less.
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