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Extreme Hatred (Hammerheart)
by Scott Hefflon

Half-steppin' hatred in thirds like klassik Kreator... What, with a title like this you were expecting flower-throwing Britpop? Not sure if it's pronounced "hip nausea," but I'd like to think so. For those too young to've experienced the might of Kreator in their heyday (aside from my advise to get the greatest hits rec reviewed elsewhere and pretend you knew all along), here's your chance to experience demon skull warrior artwork, blurry band photos, tremolo bar diving solos, thunderous drumming and half-steppin' thrash riffs galore (feels like I'm blowing donuts in a thrash yard sale - I seem to recall this stuff making a little more sense in my day, but that could be because I'm off the speed, getting older, and kinda outta practice) and snakespit vocals you can't understand but sound really fuckin' bad-ass. "Brah, brah-brah-brah!" Translation: "Dying, slowly you're dying."
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