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Lickity Split (The Telegraph Company)
by Scott Hefflon

Tunes as yummy as the cover... And to really bring it home, Hotbox cover the Valley Girl classic "Johnny, Are You Queer?" So the story is that red-head powerhouse singer, Mel Chappell, and guitar great Barry D'Live (ex-RKL, hired gun for GWAR and Me First) hook up with Lagwagoneer Chris Rest and a couple other talented fellows and, within a year, are named Best Local Punk Band by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and that area is a hotbed for punk bands. Sexy, super-fast tunes (quickies, if you will) like "Take You On," "Poor Betty Blue" and "Let's Get Stupid" sound kinda like what Pat Benetar woulda sounded like fronting a punk band. While the drums sound a little bit like cardboard boxes, the vocals were co-produced by Fat Mike and sound bright and shiny. Yup, a band to keep yer eyes on.
(66 Hope St. Brooklyn, NY 11211)


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