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House of Good Tires (Hall of Records)
by Jon Sarre

I hate how when ya hear ZZ Top in strip bars, it's always Eliminator shit like "Gimme All Your Lovin'" (I just had this Freudian slip where I typed "money" instead of "lovin'," how apropos), like from those videos with those chicks in the car. The strippers never strut around to "Jesus Just Left Chicago" or "Just Got Paid" and it's a damn shame, cuz that was the time when ZZ Top was pretty fuckin' good. Maybe ya hear old ZZ Top in strip clubs in Texas... Ya probably would if you were hangin' around with these Honky guys, cuz they sound like ZZ Top back around Tejas, sorta updated for the wanna-be white trash set, like Rob Zombie without those electronic whosisnots, or at least with enough sense to start a damn rock band. Former Butthole Surfer Jeff Pinkus is in here, so there's more Tex-ass originales, but not if ya thought ZZ Top was from L.A. or sumptin' (which wouldn't be surprisin') and you associate the Buttholes with that Nintendo ad or whatever it was plus that damn "Pepper" song. See 'twasn't always so, cuz they both usedta be all organic, stinky groove'n'grind'n'buzz'n'ballsweat and that's what we got here in Honky, 'cept mebbe Honky's got dumber lyrics, but then again, "Waitin' For the Bus" and "The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave" were pretty fuckin' dumb themselves.
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