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Guano Apes | Dont Give Me Names | review | rock | Lollipop

Guano Apes

Don't Give Me Names (RCA)
by Scott Hefflon

Always thought Guano Apes was a terrible name for such a good band. Perhaps one of the best hard rock bands fronted by a woman, there's a balancing act at work here that's just amazing. Some of the better high-profile female/female-fronted bands have been Bif Naked and Drain STH, and now there's another name to throw out there that's distinctly its own creature. Staying on the heavy side even when slowing down and getting breathy (more Tool than Top 40, don't worry), and while tirading a bit, never really shrieking uncontrollably or scaring the shit outta us guys like some possessed banshee bitch who hates men and is going to castrate us the first chance she gets, vocalist Sandra Nasic maintains her stance as a cool, tough, angry female who'll probably match you shot for shot and out-grr you if you piss her off.


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