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Fairweather | If They Move Kill Them | review | emo | punk | Lollipop


If They Move... Kill Them (Equal Vision)
by Tim Den

While not breaking any new ground, Fairweather can be a guilty pleasure for even an avid naysayer like myself. The production is gigantic (courtesy of Brian McTernan), the singer knows when to step off to give the songs a calculated feel, and the arrangements (of the usual E-major variety) are well-timed so that little accents bring about whole shades of depth. And that's what it's all about: Knowing when to add what - changing it up when the time is right - in order to save the entire thing from drowning in cliches. Driving beats with crunchy power chords and Lifetime vocals... if you must listen to emopunk, it doesn't get much better than Fairweather.
(PO Box 14 Hudson, NY 12534)

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