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Fabulous Disaster | Put out or Get Out | review | punk | Lollipop

Fabulous Disaster

Put out or Get Out (Pink & Black)
by Scott Hefflon

Only a chick band could get away with that title... And these chicks, from the sound and look of them, can get away with pretty much anything they damn well feel like. As the second band signed to Pink & Black (run by one of the Dance Hall Crasher girls, I believe), Fabulous Disaster have been getting the helping hand left and right, and for good reason. "Daddy" Fat Mike produced this slab of all-girl greatness with Ryan "he who has produced many Fat bands" Greene, and it sounds classy (like a clear, colorful shot of a cute blue-haired punkette giving you the finger and sticking out her pink little tongue). You don't have to think too hard to catch the inspirations and reference points: Go-Go's, Joan Jett, Tilt, and Dance Hall Crashers. I'd like to thank the bio for mentioning the Loudmouths, a SF female-fronted band with more balls than boy bands that disappeared long before their time. So if yer looking for a single sentence to capture the sound (aside from "imagine the Donnas if they were tough"), think of mostly uptempo punkpop with great dual female vocals like Dance Hall Crashers (or maybe layered vox by the hottie in Teen Idols). And just to get yer rock off that much more, they're heavily involved in the SF fetish scene, drive motorcycles, and probably have more tats than you do, rocker!
(PO Box 193690 San Francisco, CA 94119)


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