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Every Mothers Nightmare | Smokin Delta Voodoo | review | rock | Lollipop

Every Mother's Nightmare

Smokin' Delta Voodoo (Perris)
by Martin Popoff

This badly-named Tennessee hair band-era rock act moved over half a million copies of their first two albums (combined sales). Back with a badly-named third album (using the word voodoo is as cheesy now as it was then), EMN '01 are a pretty cool cross between Tesla, L.A. Guns, Brother Cane, and Jackyl - not too, too Southern, but squarely on the roots/sleaze side of L.A. The recording is quite gorgeous, powerful Gunners guitar tones, rumbling drums, a really nice, full-bodied match to the band's soulful throwback rock vibe. Rick Ruhl's vocals are a complex, occasionally uneasy cross between Pearcy, Lewis and LeSte. A high quality band with something to say, deserving of better graphics than this cheap presentation proposes.
(PO Box 783 Cedar Park, TX 78630)

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