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Drexel | Whatever Whenever | review | punk | Lollipop


Whatever Whenever (Fork in Hand)
by Tim Den

Speed? Check. Tricky arrangements? Check. Melodies? Check. Technical instrumental prowess? Check. Hooky vocal lines and backups? Check. Wow, it looks like Drexel has finished pretty damn high on the Pop Punk Checklist. Though only six songs, Whatever Whenever is a solid follow-up to No One Told Me. The recording is a bit rough (I happen to have a few better sounding demo versions of these songs) and the band falls into moments of sloppiness due to overdrive (either speed-wise or playing too complicated for their own skills), but make no mistake: This is a band that's better than most pop-punk throwaways. Even if you've heard it all before (and I assure you that you have), get this if just for the high note Mark - uh, I mean Jeff - hits on "The Decline of Western Civilization II."
(PO Box 230023 Astor Sta. Boston, MA 02123)  

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