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Dog Fashion Disco | Anarchists of Good Taste | review | metal | Lollipop

Dog Fashion Disco

Anarchists of Good Taste (Spitfire)
by Vinnie Apicella

Opening track, "Leper Friend," begins like that "Better Do What They Told Ya..." line from the R.A.T.M. tune, but there's more atmosphere going on in the background - this churning sensation combined with very heavy rhythm guitar - almost like a mid-paced Fear Factory product, very loose and hard to pinpoint. It's hard to imagine many bands doing something different in this age of amalgamation, yet Dog Fashion Disco manage to be diversely unique in a lot of ways, which probably explains their having opened for the likes of S.T.P., Methods of Mayhem, and Anthrax. "9 to 5 at the Morgue" features more of that '70s Alice Cooper game show organ reeling in the background with synergistic sensations taking place all around - very Uriah Heep/Deep Purple meets Sam Black Church/Marilyn Manson kind of warped stuff - interesting and unsettling all in one fell swoop. If the band name and album title don't grab ya in a "this band's absolutely off the wall" kind of way, the music contained therein definitely will.
(101 Bay Ave. Hicksville, NY 11801)


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