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Dissection | Past is Alive | review | metal | Lollipop


The Past is Alive (Necropolis)
by Paul Lee

Hands down, Dissection were at the top of the Scandinavian heap when it came to their blackened death metal until leader Jon Nodveidt foolishly helped kill an innocent man. That aside, this is an essential re-release compilation of collected tracks from demos and singles released before they unveiled their first classic The Somberlain on No Fashion that was later issued by Necropolis (originally it came in a much cooler digipak). Undoubtedly, this is a requisite piece of malevolent metal for Dissection fans. For those of you unfamiliar with these Swedes, you might want to start with Storm of the Light's Bane or Somberlain and then check out this collection of somewhat-crudely recorded songs.
(Box 14715 Freemont, CA 94539)

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