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Riot Salvation (Gearhead)
by Scott Hefflon

Following hot on the heels of their EP (also on Gearhead, a label along with Bad Afro that ya oughtta check out if yer into sweaty rock), "Demons" is rapidly winning me over. Like Payin' the Dues Hellacopters, this sucker's got gonzo soloing staggering all over the place, like Nuge in his heyday. You can picture these Swedes wide-legged and leaning back, the howls and pull-offs and dives louder than yer mom pounding on the door for you to turn that awful racket down. And that's just what this is: The kind of awful racket your parents think is low-class, bash'n'crash talentless stuff, and as we all know, parents suck and don't want anyone to have any fun cuz they aren't having any fun.

So crank it up, squeal yer tires at stoplights, and live a little. The good times ain't gonna last forever, so enjoy 'em while ya still got the stamina (and the blood pressure and the liver, etc.). Take note of loud'n'noisy production courtesy of Jocke Petterson and Tomas Skogsberg - the closest sound to live you can get without getting beer spilled on ya.
(PO Box 421219 San Francisco, CA 94142)

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