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Death on Wednesday

Buying the Lie (SideCho)
by Scott Hefflon

I've always liked crooning/r&b wailing when brought to rock'n'roll. Elvis was silky smooth and yipped a bit, Danzig (mostly in the Misfits circa Legacy of Brutality, but also solo in a more schlock metal way) was a darkly fascinating pioneer, and Morrissey and The Cult's Ian Astbury did it their way, as did the Smoking Popes and Funeral Oration. And current rockers like Glucifer and Monster Magnet remember a little thing called range (look it up if need be) and belt out the melodies that stroll into falsetto as often as they rumble in the back of the throat. Can you imagine Curtis Mayfield or Lenny Kravitz settling for a vocal line that simply matched the guitar chugging? We'd've been denied melodies we belt out on road trips or whisper in a lover's ear while dancing (vertically or horizontally). We'd get laid less, to put it bluntly. Emo and "punk" bands may be OK for teen make-out sessions, but when you wanna go the distance, you need some really passionate, moving, swelling music to accompany your motions. Joining the above classics as a band to reach for at such a time is SoCal's Death on Wednesday.

Having shared the stage with both punkpop and indie rockers, Death on Wednesday have learned many valuable lessons and carry themselves with wisdom beyond their years. Buying the Lie is the band's first full-length (their second for SideCho, following The Doubletime EP), so keep an eye on this band with a great start on the right path.
(1223 Wilshire Blvd. #560 Santa Monica, CA 90403)  

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