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Purified in Pain (Rotten)
by Paul Lee

When Australia's Damaged scored ex-Brutal Truth throat Kevin Sharp, they scored big. Sharp is one of the most diverse and aggressive singers in extreme music. Though Purified In Pain isn't as diverse as their first, the classic Token Remedies Research, it's still an album that'll cause plenty of collateral damage if used properly. The fellas in Damaged use the term "hatecore" to define their hard-to-define sound, but I'd say that's too simplistic and doesn't accurately describe their sound. Whatever you want to call it, Damaged manage to rend the barriers of grindcore, hardcore, death metal and just a touch of black metal to formulate their caustic brew. If you crave pure painful power, you must get Purified In Pain.
(PO Box 2157 Montclair, CA 91763)

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