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Cash Audio

The Orange Sessions (Orange)
by Jon Sarre

I've come across these lunks a coupla times before and the times've always been good, like I wanna drink more whiskey, or mebbe that was the result, I forget. Anyway, this new record's just like the two or so preceding it, cuz when a man's aimin' to play the blues - not that adult comtemp Keb Mo bastardized Taj Mahal stuff either, nah - cuz when a man endeavors to play the blues - not that sittin' down on the front porch neither, nah - when a man is gonna up and play the blues, he's gonna stand tall on his two feet with the boots that he's gonna drop dead in, he's gonna do it and no one else'll tell him "no" six ways 'til Sunday, no sir! Besides, there's only a certain number of chord progressions that man can choose from, which sorta limits his repertoire, unless he wantsta start diversifyin' and the Cash Money, er, Cash Audio (fuckin' lawsuits!) guys don't seem interested in doin' that. Since there's only two of 'em, if onea them wants to sorta mix it up a bit with, I dunno, samba or skiffle or shuffle or sumptin' else ya don't really hear every day, the other guy votes against him, it's a tie and whatdaya got? Gridlock, that's what! So they go back to heavy alloyriffic riffs with thumpin' drum hits impactin' like incomin' friendly fire (which would actually be outgoing, I think) and we all should just agree that it works out favorably for alla us out here in teevee land, like a Suzanne Summers-era episode of Three's Company.
(4761 Long Branch San Diego, CA 92107)


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