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Buckfast Superbee | You Know How the Song Goes | review | rock | Lollipop

Buckfast Superbee

You Know How the Song Goes (Walking)
by Tim Den

Buckfast Superbee are actually radio-oriented, mainstream pop material trying to hide their AOR core by roughing up the edges with "punk" elements like jumpy beats and crisp guitars (Jesus... this is what makes music "punk" today?). Young girls are gonna bop their tender asses silly to this shit cuz it's cute and about relationships and could fit into one of those cereal commercials during Saturday morning cartoons. Okay, so they sing well... much much better than most other emopunk bands. But fuckin' A, this shit reeks of corporate polish. You Know How the Song Goes? Yes, and it sounds like shit. Someone please kill this genre before the world forgets that not all musicians are pansies.
(PO Box 49916 Los Angeles, CA 90049)  

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